Reviews for "::Hope Alive - SonAmy::"

Props for animating the blue hedge hog

Good music and the animation . If it were just a little bit longer and had some more dialogue I think it would've been better. Maybe it was my headset but I found the characters a little hard to hear. It was short but sweet. I enjoyed it.

WendyAtticus responds:

I tried to make it go longer but yeah, I only got as far as the end scene XD
Yeah, I think the voices came out just a bit too quiet, so I threw in subtitles x3
Thank you :D


Wow, that was far too cute to think rationally about, hehe. Interesting idea, and the ending was really beautiful. I could even get past how annoying I normally find Amy and enjoy the flash, which is slightly rare for me. Good character design, you've got some skills. Very well made, enjoyable to watch, so yeah, great job.

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you! :D That's cool~ ^^

It was good.

It could have used a little more to it though.
Nice work with the movements and the voice acting.
Because it needed something more, I've given you a 9/10.
Keep up the good work.

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you, I tried to make it go as long as I could because I didn't like the spot it stopped at but we were stuck X3