Reviews for "::Hope Alive - SonAmy::"

SonAmy is sad

The idea is that Sonic wants away from Amy because Amy wants to try for him so bad. I do not like the concept of "SonAmy" at all. The fact someone spent so long on a flash film celebrating this... this LIE is appalling and gut wrenching to me. Though you did put effort to it, so I will not dismiss you entirely. A 5 for animation. A big fat NOTHIN' for the LIES! >8(

WendyAtticus responds:

Well that's fandom for you :D
Sonic doesn't seem to want away from Amy as far as I'm concerned X3 She's considered one of his best friends in most of the recent games~ And they're coupled in Sonic X. Thanks for the 5 :) I know it's hard to vote anything good on something you can't very well stand.


Right when Sonic said "I Will Love You Till The Last Flower Dies" I Guessed That One Was Fake. Nice Flash :)

WendyAtticus responds:

Tehe! Congrats for catching on fast :D I didn't get it at first when my bro told me the idea XD lol. Thank you ^^

pretty good

Seemed like the end was a little rushed, it could have been played out a lil more for more effect.

WendyAtticus responds:

Well the flash was my brothers idea and we couldn't seem to come up with any more of it x3 I feel like it ended just a little too quick, mostly cause I wanted it to match up with the music. Thanks for the 8 though :D

Like the person under me...

I'm a sonic fan, especially sonamy, I found this flash to be very cute I'll be recommending this to the sonic collection, and adding this to my favorites list. My only complaints are that the movie was too short, and the voices were hard to hear. Other than that, fantastic flash, and I hope that you make another one like this soon. ^^

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you so much!
I wanted to make it longer but sadly we were out of scene ideas XD and running low on inspiration, hopefully the next time we do some voices we won't have to be trying to be louder than the music :D

Nicely done!

I will admit that I'm a little biased. I'm a huge fan of Sonic anything. So that may have attributed to the perfect score... a little.

First off, the drawings were very cute and you animated them very well. The idea of the whole cartoon was very heartwarming, and the ending topped it off very well.

The only thing I think you need to work on is the voice acting. Without the subtitles, I would have had trouble understanding what they were saying. You at least picked voices that sound like the characters, so kudos for that!

Overall, awesome flash! Thanks for the smiles! :)

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you! ^^ Well heck~ If being a Sonic fan doesn't pull one in I don't know what would lol. :D
Fun part is both the voices were done by girls XD