Reviews for "Telepath: Psy Arena"


Very Good game... there could have been more of a story to it though..... anyways very good 10/10 :)

very good game man

my only complaints

the beginning levels are ridiculously easy cause the damage they do is like 2??
battle time lengths seem too long even in the easy levels (still playing thru the easy stages.)

the artwork lol definately needs a boost.

the "headquaters" is a lil big for just 3 people i mean that guy has like a 50 foot room all to hisself.. maybe fill it in with some people who just say random stuff or whatever.

uh maybe having the ability to select which guy you wish to move when its your turn.. would be nice but i can understand the "order" for strategic purposes.
anyways good game overall ill give you what you deserve but it takes too long to do a level i gotta stop lol.

I liked the first two a little better

Mostly because there was a story involved, so it focused less on grinding.

I remember one of my shadowlings had that 3x3 attack which rocked. Is it possible to unlock that skill in this one?

I ended up leveling my hero like crazy and using him to demolish everything to get money. If my other teammates had more interesting abilities, I might have leveled them up more. The dragon skill that hit 3 cells was pretty nice.

Since the hero was the only one with area attack, it just became easier to use him alone rather than the whole team.

The biggest change in my opinion was the outline of the attack, which helped immensely. There were other aesthetic changes that were nice as well.

I hope the next one has a story! Keep up the good work!


Pretty good also have you thought of online telepath battle other fans.

i love telepath series... !!!

i played all your games (since 2007 i think), hey are awesome o.o
this one is good too (i love the fighting), but i loved the story lines in early games so i kinda missed that... but i still love it! >w<!
when will the new games go out?