Reviews for "Telepath: Psy Arena"

I liked the first two a little better

Mostly because there was a story involved, so it focused less on grinding.

I remember one of my shadowlings had that 3x3 attack which rocked. Is it possible to unlock that skill in this one?

I ended up leveling my hero like crazy and using him to demolish everything to get money. If my other teammates had more interesting abilities, I might have leveled them up more. The dragon skill that hit 3 cells was pretty nice.

Since the hero was the only one with area attack, it just became easier to use him alone rather than the whole team.

The biggest change in my opinion was the outline of the attack, which helped immensely. There were other aesthetic changes that were nice as well.

I hope the next one has a story! Keep up the good work!

You failed the most important part

Their abilities look too much like "Magic". One of the universal rules of artistic design for Psychic abilites is to make sure that it doesn't look like magic.

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Making the psychic abilities not look like magic was the most important part? That's news to me.

purely on my bases on last time i played

i really dont like this game because my last time i played i was messing around searching areas and somehow i popped up in a place that was far beyond the level i had like 10- 15 levels higher, to many glitch but wat i did play was good. the glitch happened after i passed first mission n i was looking for a good place to rest i went to far past the bed u find n then poof black screen for 5 sec n then that level problem was that it was only me n this other guy who was weak as hell, he was badly injuerd after that i quit so bad game

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Let me see if I'm getting this right: What you played was good, but you selected a battle that was too hard for you, then you looked for a place to rest, got a black screen, met a weak guy, and now you're rating the game a 0?

How do you recharge Pschi?

Is there something that allows you to get "power" back?

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Just rest for a turn--that'll do it.

I played this at Armor games...

Quite nice.

Though since I don't have an account there, I can't place comments (yet). But I did encounter a bug that time, I am not sure if you noticed that.

If you purchase the "raise difficulty" to where enemies get stronger, if you reload the game, you cannot attack anything. I wonder if that is fixed.