Reviews for "Telepath: Psy Arena"

good, but could be better

well, i played the first 2 telepaths, and loved them. i found this while playing the demo of the third one. I liked the game a lot in the beggining, BUT it got to easy:

1 star: easy
2 star: easy-medium
3 star: medium
4 star: medium
5 star: medium

hopefully you see what i mean. the easiest way to solve the problem, is give less money. i got enough to make my hero amazing, and he could take down 5 stars by himself. I played each battle once, and that occured. i was expecting an amazing challenge, like Tastidan and the queen at the end of the second one. i loved how difficult it was, and how i litterally spent hours getting money to train. here i didnt have to try. Other than the difficulty, it was good.

this game rocks

i love the all the telepath rpg chapters.im sure this one will be really great.and are u thinking about doing a fourth one after this?


Can't wait for the third installment. That guy below me has a good idea though. An online version sounds awesome.


Pretty good also have you thought of online telepath battle other fans.

can someone post a walkthrough?

i need a walkthrough how to unlock new abilities

MalTheDestroyer responds:

If you click on the "Extra Tips and Hints" link in the in-game tutorials, it'll take you to a FAQ hosted on Armor Games.