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Reviews for "Alio's Army 2"

pretty nice

ill give you a 10 cause of the lack of good reviews coming in from people like the 0 asshole. i would've originally given you a 9 i haven't finished the game but its very good, only bug i've found was getting stuck on boundary paths, oh and on the train mission you should display text warning the player that the shits gonna blow or if you come up to a tank then it should display a warning.


i killed my self with rocket k\like twice

Ugh...I hate twits like Jaquan.

This game is good quality...Good enough for my 10 and 5 anyways

it was a good game

i really liked ure animation style and the game was very well structured but when you tryed to move the units they went sooo slow, which made the game pretty hard to play...
but in conclusion it was a very good game but maybe next time you should make the characers go a little faster...

kind of weird

its an ok game