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Reviews for "Alio's Army 2"


may be cause i didnt get the hang of it but this game is overall weird. blocky, slow, frustrating, ROF is terrible, not 1 shot =die. if you have ever played a normal shoot-em-up game, dont play this. u get a 4 cause you took the time to make this. other than that tweak it a little it can be OK.


It sucks yet the graphics are ok! It is hard and very easy at the same time and all your allies die at the begining! And the turorial confuses me it says "skip" yet it should say next so i waited for five mins before i cliked it just in case grrr

The first thing in this game kills the momentum

The fact that the beginning tutorial has to be clicked through, step by step, every single time, makes me not want to play this again.


I ll give u a 7 for encouraging.... but the game is not so good

Ugh...I hate twits like Jaquan.

This game is good quality...Good enough for my 10 and 5 anyways