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Reviews for "Alio's Army 2"

its cool

its kinda boring but i played it so heres a six

O.k. i geuss

Didn't like the way that the men move. Premises is good. graphics can be allot better. Had fun at first playing, then got kind of redundant. Good game for younger players.

very good

I used 2 have a game called cannon fodder on the snez, just like this. I loved it.

no save?!!!

Well, the graphics isn't a masterpiece, to say the least, but I don't care becouse the gameplay is pretty good. So the game would be actually quite enjoyable, but unfortunately there are some great flaws, wich ruin all!
The worst of all is, that it doesn't save my progress! So if I don't have many hours to sit here, than I can't play it to the end. And it sux!
Another annoying flaw is that there is no possibility to restart a level or the whole game. This sux, becouse a small mistake is enough to screw a level, i.e. to get some of my soldiers die, wich makes the rest die too in the most cases. And than it would be the best if I could start the level over. But no, I have to wait until everyone is dead, and than I start the whole the level over with rookies!
So if I'm at the begining, I may chose to start everything over instead of having rookies. But thanks to the lack of a restart button, to do this I have to close the game, and start again! And here comes the other flaw: when starting the game I have to go trough the tutorial again, can't skip it! Why couldn't you make a menu and put a button to the tutorial in it? Or at least making the one at the begining skippable?!
And btw, did I mention that it doesn't even have a damn play button, and starts playing its music right after the loading finished?!
So let me ask, if you put so much effort into a game (becouse it seems you must have worked quite a few time on this), why do you let it to be ruined by such minor yet very annoying flaws?


It sucks and its pretty good at the same time. I'll give you a few tips on how to make it better.
- make it so you can move faster
- make it so it takes less shots to kill stuff
- give players ammo in stuff like rocket launcher, and rifle in beginning.