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Reviews for "Alio's Army 2"

If only

The game just worked properly. The graphics as have been oft pointed are quite bland and the red guys look like boxes not people. That I could get over though, this games worst sins are having your own soldiers occasionally decide that they know what's best even it isn't what you asked for eg. walking in the direction of your last input and ignoring all others until they are killed. On top of that you sometimes get boxes and enemies that are indestructible for various periods of time for no apparant reason and you can waste numerous soldiers trying to take them out before you realise it's just some sort of glitch and you have to wait until it passes and hope for the best. Despite all this I had made it to the last level, I had only one man left and I had taken almost everyone only a few more guys to kill and I'd won it, but then my guy decided to do his kamikaze thing and run straight toward the enemy without firing without changing direction OR weapon and was inevitably ripped to shreds. Would be a nice game if it were fixed.


but the graphics need alot of work

the best worst game on here

needs more flow and just to be smoother all over.

hmmm....sry but no...

after playing the game I can say you have a good idea, it is the practical application of that idea that fails. it reminds me a a little SNES game named Cannon Fodder, which was a blast unlike your game here.
I hope you feel inspired to do better next time.

Hmm Ok.

Kinda Boring
gets a little bit pointless and after a while you think:
'Why am I playing this?'