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Reviews for "Alio's Army 2"

kelz review

werll the game was alright but the problems was that the gunfire was soo random with its length and the ppl moved soooo slow took like 10min to finish the first level. hey tke all these reviews as a good thing so next time u make a game like this u will know what u need to add.

Alio's Army 2: review

pretty crap and the intro was pissing me off I just kept pressing skip and more shit kept popin up, though it is a cool concept you just haven't got it right


I really hated this,

Good concept, poorly executed

This game reminds me of the old dos-game series Cannon Fodder, and I'm assuming that this game was inspired by it. However this game was poorly executed. I didn't mind the graphics, but the game play and controls were just awful.

Better luck next time.


I have almost no control over my units. If I could control their shooting, or had more mobility (I could basically go forward until I reached a wide space that allowed me to turn around) this game could be more fun. But as soon as I moved, the enemies would see me and shoot me.