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Reviews for "Food We Eat"

Food we eat.

It is deeply moving.

That was really weird...

But I am decidedly STUNED.



Crap, as usual.

Front page?
Here's my run-down.

ANIMATION: 1/10. Oh, wow, look, it's absolutely horrible. You'd think with years of animating, you'd be able to produce something fluid and good looking. Nope. Not Jerry.

PLOT: 0/10. Unoriginal idea. Lul fat people. Not really.

HUMOR: 2/10. Random at points, though I got bored of it in less than a minute. It's not funny. To make jokes that are crude or random is better done by artists like Marc M. This is just random babble.

VOICE-ACTING: 3/10 Using the same computerized voice for every character? Clock crew does it better, obviously, but even further than that, it just droned on and was annoying from the get-go.

OVERALL: 0/10. Another horrible and over-rated peice of trash animation. There's nothing unique about it--if you look through the portal you can find plenty of other craptastic animations that are just the same. The only difference is that this, for some reason, gets high ratings and put in its own collection. There's nothing deeper than that.

On a professional level, your works are nothing new and exhibit no higher form of expertise on any level. Brackenwood is good because the animation is exquisite. There She Is! is high-rated for its story and how the animation flows. The Awesome flashes get front page because they are funny. But this? Nothing by comparison. So why is the overall score 3.7? It's beyond me.

On a personal level, I absolutely can't stand your animations and I take pride in voting 0 on every single one, every day I log on. Now flag this as a useless reveiw because I gave it no stars.


this long awaited jerry jackson cartoon is more abusive towards people with glandular problems. it's more abusive than funny is what i'm saying. I do not agree with what you said but, it's an entertaining cartoon. but please don't poke fun at something some people cannot choose to avoid.