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Reviews for "Food We Eat"

haha this is r8 funny :)

i think people make r8 gd excuses be coz they are fat so people cant make fun of them
i have watched all of them and i r8 the 5 :D but cba to review cause i iz lazyyyy...
hope u make a new vid soon mayb u could do 1 about olympics :D

I love you.

Please jerry, penetrate me and give me a son.


i love u i watched like 20 times lol its so great

Very good Jerry Jackson

My diet is mainly junk food, but its not because im a scruba it's because it tastes nice. YUM

Not working in my region??? WTF????///

Not working in my region??? What is this supposed to mean?

Jerryjackson responds:

lol u can stil wach it. it is a j/k u idiot. have patients