Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 3 (Scrapped)"

We are more patient than you think

It's true that this is some old ideas you have made for a long time, but just viewing the progress makes me and probably other viewers more willing to wait for the results of your third installments when it is ready, so blamming this flash is the last thing some of us will think of.

Tarnish responds:

Heh, well, maybe you are patient enough, but I doubt every1 else is. And looks like I didn't state clearly enough that I am gonna start the series from the beginning again, because the story and some ideas are too rushed and misguided. I decided this way while making this 3rd part, that is 1 reason I didn't finish it.

Shouldn't have been scrapped

Seriously, good direction here. The only problems are grsmmer and you could add a feature like Alvin Earthworm has where you press space to advance the text.

Tarnish responds:

Mhm, thx for the opinion/advices.


that was cool hope you finish it

why not tails also use chaos spear

Awww, uo should continue.
Oh and what is the music at the scene selection.