Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 3 (Scrapped)"

i love it

its too bad it not finshed tho o well
keep up with the good work

Tarnish responds:

Thx. (Can't think of anything else or better to say.)

Not bad

Even if it was scrapped i still liked it, can't wait for the real stuff.

Very good

I like the direction this was going in, though this may not be the 'real' OTWOR 3 i gotta admit, it certainly ain't half bad.
I'm looking forward to the new OTWOR 3 and the possibly different storyline, should be interesting and seeing as your ideas are developing i'd say we're in for a treat =)

Keep it up and i hope it meets your own expectations. normally you can be your own worst critic ;)


Great Score!

I hope this part of "Tails OTWOR" will be cool like last one! Good Luck!

No actually...

I'm going to rate you in general to all your Tails OTWOR episodes. I am completely in awe of your abilities to create such pro looking custom sprites and yet at the same time able to display good Flash animation skills. This must take a whole whack full of your time to do this! Excellent job! This is defiantly more than what I can handle! I don't have the flip'n patience!

And you know, just the fact that I see new sprite poses of Tails can be kind of refreshing as sprites tend to be kind of repetitive.

I am liking the story, probably because Tails is the main character and he's my favorite. XD

All else I can say is continue being creative and hopefully me and your crazy fans will be seeing another installment of Tails OTWOR in the near future.