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Reviews for "Strawbrary."

HAHAHAHA! very epic! loved how the ''fight'' happaned, and how it became an unexpected twist!
i wasn't expecting this at all!

man, great sailor-moon sketches, how did you do it? tablet?
hmm, anyway, i loved the ending, and i loved the miss-spellings done by the young-clock, and how he got more mad by each error.

a fun, little movie, which entertained me, and gave me a good laugh. thanks, radio! keep it up!


What the heck just happened?

Its quite good, but...

It could easily be so much better. Its a funny gag and it all looks OK etc. but if you had shown us a real thing that SBC did, instead of going off into a Pokemon boring thing, it would have been so much better.

Wow... I actually laughed

This actually made me laugh...
Though some Clock spam is cool and artsy...
rarely do they make me laugh...

4/5 8/10

Good stuff

Well that had fairly well animation but I didn't quite understand its humor.
And you have no way of backing up the "fact" that SBC is the king of the portal.
PS: I didn't realize that was The replay button 'till the song was over LOL.