Reviews for "The 1-up Pursuit"


Even though the twom submissions are alike i like this one better because of one thing there is alot more action. so i hope you won the tournament thingy you enterd this in

HOLY *insert random word here* !!!

I pulled this up and saw almost immediately that this flash movie was going the same way as Jonbro's. No sweat that means Psy is in the contest too. Until i saw Mario blast his way through the stairs and the castle! Holy crap, what key combo do i gotta do to make him do that??? I was chuckling to myself all the way through as Mario and that beetle went on a loop-de-loop chase whos randomness can only be done by Psycosis. Also, Thwomp Beatles ftw! This video is amazing, full marks!

Excellent flash

I'm curious on how you move your camera angles so smoothly like that. I've always had trouble with that but anyway back to the movie. The animation was solid, humor was there, and overall presentation was amazing. 10/10

To answer gtblaze

Even if Mario was revived by the 1-Up I doubt he'd live much longer with a spike through his chest.

Great video by the way, excellent choice of soundtrack especially


So you have a good start here on this flash it is a promising piece to better things to come. So let me enlighten you with some thoughts and insight through-out this review because I found your flash fun and entertaining. This was some good animating and a good animation overall, nice graphics nice style here and some fun times within the flash. but regardless this was pretty good, I thought there could have been some better improvments but maybe next time, but as the time being it was an alright flash submission.

Well here I am once again looking for some improvment points or some possible suggestion, to be honest with this one you did ok and I would be lucky to find much as its already a decent looking flash movie. So again I will say this does not need any changes at this time.