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Reviews for "The 1-up Pursuit"

good work

it was really funny! hope you make more.

awesome job

this was awesome... I hope you place well with this sprite movie... really funny how it is end tho...

shelled enemy = 1
mario = 0
mushroom = 1



Lol this reminds me of when i used to play mario, hwo the mushroom what get away from you and you would be forced to chase after it, then when you finally get to it you make a careless mistake and die!


It was well animated and much more perspective angles than the one that JonBro did.

I hope you won :D

10/10 for you! you´re worthe it! XD


Yes, this one was better, and funnier than the other one you made. I dont care if people rant for the same-ness, but it's just tht that makes it better.

Personally, I would change the title to 1-up Pursuit Remastered.

Great job though.