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Reviews for "The 1-up Pursuit"

Bad Ass and Thwomps

Wow what's the Thwomping under the Covers doing there. Or a better question is what are they doing on the ceiling? This is cool. I wish I could pown Bowser like Mario did. Pown Bowser in a bad ass way. Whoo go Psycosis91

What a Kick Ass Mario Video

Psycosis you made yet another awesome kick ass Mario Video. I really enjoyed it a lot. The whole video was done very well. The action parts where great and well made. And the music you added was fantastic. I love The Beatles. They're a awesome group. And it fit the flash video very well. Overall: You made a good flash. Everything was done right. Great Graphics Great Animation and so on. This get's Five Stars and a A ***. Great job.

Lol'd at the "Thwomp Beatles"

Filled with pixelated action, Mario and the little Koopa goes through obstacles to reach for the 1-up mushroom. Nice job on the twist ending! :D


wat the song a the begining


Mario is more boss when he is funny then when he is serious