Reviews for "The 1-up Pursuit"

That sucks for poor Mario. I can't say his devilish and evil personality is a good portrayal of him, but it does go to show many people feel Mario has the same kind of character outside of the games. I digg the fact he and many players (including myself) will go to great lengths to chase after that elusive 1-up.


Beautiful animation, and great concept! This is not my favorite out of all of the "Great Mushroom Chase/Pursuit/Sprint" videos that I've seen. There has been better. Some actually have story, but each is different. This video jumps right into the action, which is a minor flaw, but a VERY small one, however it's ok either way. You can tell how at the beginning Mario is simply in it for the 1UP mushroom, so the chase is on! Brilliant video in particular, though! I enjoyed it.

This is the 2nd best remake of it, but, THE ORIGINAL HAS BEEN DELETED BEFORE EVEN I COULD EVEN SEE!

Lol that mask is so dumb. Those ukikis! What jokers. I must admit, Mario and Luigi's voices are pretty good.