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Reviews for "The 1-up Pursuit"

He died for 1 UP , atleast this 1 UP will save him (i think...)
I liked the graphics , you made it beautiful , but the 1 UP chasing was not excellent , but good

That sucks for poor Mario. I can't say his devilish and evil personality is a good portrayal of him, but it does go to show many people feel Mario has the same kind of character outside of the games. I digg the fact he and many players (including myself) will go to great lengths to chase after that elusive 1-up.


This is the 2nd best remake of it, but, THE ORIGINAL HAS BEEN DELETED BEFORE EVEN I COULD EVEN SEE!

Lol that mask is so dumb. Those ukikis! What jokers. I must admit, Mario and Luigi's voices are pretty good.