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Reviews for "Bigger things..."

Good stuff!

You can add parts where it goes on into a view of the solar system and then the galaxies or something. And possibly clearer transitions!

OmarShehata responds:

I wanted to make the transitions better, but to when I enlarge the photos they will "pixelate" And I didn't have any pictures of the solar system and stuff. I wanted it to make it to reach into the heavens to tell you how small you are compared to God, and how small your problem is compared to the world.

The song matches the message too.

I liked it

Very good way to look at life


very original its almost as if you just took pictures out of a magazine. Hmm i wonder what that crease was on the left side T__T

dunno wat to say

i liked it anyway

It was nice

That was good what you did right here espcially the music it fits this flash well interesting, anyway this was really nice i enjoy watching it.

OmarShehata responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I hope people will stop worrying now and be happy!