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Reviews for "Seasons {durn}"

Nice Job

I liked the beginning of the song. The beginning was nice and chill which really caught my attention so i shall woot^^ to this song
5/5 10/10

durn responds:

And I shall w00t to your comments! :) Thanks for the review, Marc.

Very Nice!

I like the theme. The long snare is a bit loud maybe too much.
Overal i like the laid back feel of this trancy song.
It's Trance but it's different.

I have been making music the last couple of weeks after some career changes.
And i Have been posting again ;)
Nice to see new stuff from you!

durn responds:

Agreed. After getting away from the track for a while and re-listening the snare's definitely a little too loud in the highs. Thanks for your input, dude. :)

I was a fool to ignore you

But once i listened to this song, its now a drug. a damn good one too

durn responds:

I pity the fool who ignores durn! Thanks for coming back to me! :D

This song would play as I as I am in deep thought of how to make the worlds greatest inventions.
This was calming and inspirational to listen to. :)
Great work sir. XD

<Moo of Approval>

durn responds:

haha, well hurry up and think of a way to make me a floating energy sphere, I really want one. :D Thanks for the Moo! :)

Yeah very relaxing :) Not sure if it's me being tired but it did make me sorta day dream :p *downloaded*! Also looking into your other tracks. Right now I'm taking a break from recording gameplay of BF3 (Battlefield 3) and I need some good audio material. If you allow me and if I can find some songs that would go good with my videos I'll use em! Good work so far man and the best of luck to you!