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Reviews for "Seasons {durn}"

\o/ good good

i always liked your style, and I HAVE REVIVED XD so lets see

i like the song, it can fit in a game (more likely calmed levels), and of course, it sounds awesome

see ya, kepp it cool :D

durn responds:

haha, thanks templario. :) For a second I thought it said you've remixed and I was like "Sweeeet, lemme hear it!" but my eyes were playing tricks on me. :P Take'er easy, breezy!

I was a fool to ignore you

But once i listened to this song, its now a drug. a damn good one too

durn responds:

I pity the fool who ignores durn! Thanks for coming back to me! :D

Peaceful sounds

This song sounds really calming and makes you think of someone awaking in a foreign world as a new season begins for those people. They move forth and see the people look a bit like them except they have different ears and they all have tails and far more agile and flexible than they are. They wonder how they will be able to fit into a world like this as they help out with putting things out and up for the season with them. Wonderful song.

The synth sounds really cheery and I like how it keeps on going up in a way and that build up sound later in was pretty cool. The piano is smooth and I love the composition of it here as it plays a wonderful melody. The drums are good and I like the rhythm they hold as they give a calming yet warming welcome to the person to keep on listening.

Overall, wonderful track, sounds very nice.

Review Request Club

durn responds:

Nice, I really like your mind's image of what the song's about. :) I tried something new in terms of mastering for the drums and I think it thickened them up quite nicely (though as others have stated, I went a bit overboard on the highs). Thanks for the review!


I like how this starts off. The few sounds here and there and the variety of instruments start the song perfectly. During the whole song enough different things are put in so it isn't boring to listen to. Really nice, actually.

The funky feeling it has to it is what attracts me to it most, along with the upbeatness. The beat being a bit funky is good for a piece of audio like this, and it puts you in a bit of a trance. I usually like it if a song is upbeat, and this one is no exception.

It would be nice if it looped a bit better though. If you made the end of the song even quieter it would be better, I think.

Review request club

durn responds:

Thanks Knuckstrike. :) I do love me some funk, I tend to work a little bit of it into every one of my tunes somehow. I did indeed spend a lot of time on the flow of this one, making sure to automate a bunch of different sounds & atmospheres to keep things evolving. :)

Very Nice!

I like the theme. The long snare is a bit loud maybe too much.
Overal i like the laid back feel of this trancy song.
It's Trance but it's different.

I have been making music the last couple of weeks after some career changes.
And i Have been posting again ;)
Nice to see new stuff from you!

durn responds:

Agreed. After getting away from the track for a while and re-listening the snare's definitely a little too loud in the highs. Thanks for your input, dude. :)