Reviews for "Blast from the Past (GaMe"

This is the greatest history melody ever.

Well, i heard that you made great songs ever in your whole life. You are the greatest video game guitarist ever in the history of YouTube and Newgrounds. I have seen such great work and a great guitarist.

I have seen your Newgrounds profile just to see new songs that you have uploaded to the Audio Portal and i heard all about your music believing and stuff.

Also, i heard some of your songs on Xionic Madness 4 Part 2, Stork Shot and American Pokemon.

And i also heard that you're making a 2,000 Subscriber Special on YouTube.

Also, i am a big fan of yours since i subscribe to you. I hope you have a great 50th special of your songs which makes it a melody.


im a great fan too, i love all your work you are AWESOME, thanks for making this songs so epic, and give us inspiration :`)


so badass can't even describe how much \m/

Gah.. This song made my ears explode in happiness and my ear drums go back to the past to play some awesome games..

I really do feel like i got a blast from the past...*Brick'd* This is so brilliant. Good job!

There is so much awesome crammed into this song that i think my heart stopped.