Reviews for "Blast from the Past (GaMe"

There is so much awesome crammed into this song that i think my heart stopped.

This is more of a question than a comment... because your work is awesome... and i dont need to say anymore... *Anyway, I couldnt find all of these songs on your page, I wanted to download and listen to them all, If Im an idiot let me know, Cuz' im just curious as-to where they are... :P

oooo my lordy
im shocked =D

Gah.. This song made my ears explode in happiness and my ear drums go back to the past to play some awesome games..

I really do feel like i got a blast from the past...*Brick'd* This is so brilliant. Good job!

This is just epic. The transitions between each song are flawless and makes it seem like all the original songs (meaning from each of the games themselves) were all meant to come together to make this one medley. Awesome job!!!!