Reviews for "(Halo) D.E.F.A.P"


Share some more videos like this one, I will keep on giving you 5/5 and 10/10 if you do, lol, this is the funniest video I have seen by far on Newgrounds! Good Job! This video deserves to stay. (I know I can't spell and/or have bad grammar, but hey, at least I voted for you instead of against you, lol)

Loy6 responds:

Thanks a lot man, that's really good to hear. You just made my day.


lol, this is insanely random! keep up the good work! Xb

pretty good

was pretty random which is funnny and will usally get you good ratings on newgrounds but the voice acting like you said needs work also the voices in the credits were pretty silly so i could give you a ten which is good or i could give you a 0 which is bad which master chief floating around my head should i listen too?

Loy6 responds:

Zero or ten, a little extreme there huh? Glad you went with the blue head.

woot film

this was good, it gets 10!

The Ending

I think the very ending was my favorite part. It just felt like you guys had a blast making a great, great movie. I'll be sure to watch the rest of your submissions.

Loy6 responds:

Zarrf, I think you are my new favorite person.