Reviews for "(Halo) D.E.F.A.P"

Ohhh yeah

That was awsome and funny. I like that sound at the end of the credits. You guys had great voices and it went well with that video.

Loy6 responds:

It's always awesome to hear that people enjoy our voice acting, even our old stuff.


One Man............One Decision...............One Cake???.Love It

pretty good

was pretty random which is funnny and will usally get you good ratings on newgrounds but the voice acting like you said needs work also the voices in the credits were pretty silly so i could give you a ten which is good or i could give you a 0 which is bad which master chief floating around my head should i listen too?

Loy6 responds:

Zero or ten, a little extreme there huh? Glad you went with the blue head.

hellz yeah

dude i loved it keep it up- good writing too


lol, this is insanely random! keep up the good work! Xb