Reviews for "B.o.B (DEMO)"


Didn't Xgen studios post this already?
I thought I saw it way back when.
Meh, you gave Xgen the credit so all I have to say is NJ thanks for putting this here, It's great fun.

very nice work!

just from the tutorial I can tell that alot of work was put into this and it is a very entertaining game. (feel the wrath of this giant book! lol) 10/10 very nice! I gave you a few extra cause I'm a computer programming major :D

great game, dude!

had a lot of fun playing it!

dumb game its boring

i dont like the piest if ur gonna fight him send out mages and its ok did u know i beat the full game mages only


the game is awsome u guys dont read the guidelines (THE REVIEW SPACE IS NOT A PLACE FOR U ACT LIKE A TOTAL ASSHOLE) GIVE A CREDIT to then 9 months to do this and u guys hate it u guys should give more respect i wanna see u guys work 9 months to see this reviews that pathetic