Reviews for "B.o.B (DEMO)"

Learn to read descriptions, people.

It clearly says that the full version is available in XGenStudios, and there is even a link to it in the demo.

I liked the game myself. Although im not really a fan of strategy games, this one is really of my interest.

Brb playing the full version ;D

Could have been using the rapper B.o.B.

This game was gonna be about the rapper. Will they ever make a 3d version of this as the legendary Warcraft?

Could Be Better

I enjoyed the tutorial. However, I couldn't find anyone to play with, which suggests it's not very good, but maybe that's just me. Ah, well, sorry dude.


the tutorial was ok not the best tho, i could not even find a game and iv read the comments so i guess this game sucks. make a better one please.

go death

deathriders face is my mom