Reviews for "B.o.B (DEMO)"

Good game

Great game from a general standpoint. Some minor issues in some places but overall well put together for a flash game. One element i believe needs to be relooked at is the interface of the game. At times the game can become a bit confusing and for the casual gamer can be a turn off. Also a single player option would be a good addition. However overall a great game well worth playing.


great but its need a single player


Great, great game!
This game have a really nice gameplay, and a great concept.
I would ask better graphics and a huge improve on the interface, however it still deserve a 10/10.

Bigger maps?

make it more like a real strategy game. Like dawn of war. HUGE map. And you can see your enemies bases. Lots of more different types of warrior and a constructing warrior bar. lol. and get to build buildings lol. Then it would be the most OMG awesome game ever


this has potentiol to be a great RTS some day