Reviews for "B.o.B (DEMO)"


It's ok!


needs a play teh computer option, ive played at least 30 times and only finished 1 game. human opponents usually disconnect after first turn or time out. very frustrating. also thers a lot of upgrades but are all useless as thers not enought time to make use of em. otherwise its a good game.

pretty good, but...

this is a pretty good game, good graphics for that type of game. honestly though it seems too much a like a rip-off of Tzar. A cp game that's a lot like it but in real time and has way more upgrades, still pretty good game since i lost that disk though.

Neat game

I really liked this game, balanced (for the main part) interesting, and pretty fun multiplayer with quiet a few maps. A few things i didn't like is people always d/c and i freeze up a bit to. also i dont like the shortage of gold and the lack of mines. This game reminds me a lot of AoW trilogy, which is probobly the only strat game i like more than this xD

btw assassinate and GG 10/10 5/5

Better Than Average 2D

Worth creating