Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"


A YuGiOh reference. And EgoRaptor gave it a 10. IT MUST BE GOOD

It has a lot of odd humor in it, which is one of the things I rate things highly for. I enjoy the monotonous voice overs, and the obvious responses to things

I am here to kill you

But I don't like dyin!

The simple graphics makes it better.


i thought this was going to be a add on how to rent your very own ninja like the wacky infladible arm waveing thaings

it was still good but the sound was a lil stall and boring

claps hands.

i laughed when the ninja turned into a robot. funny movie, and you could really tell the voice actor did a good job discuising his voice for the different characters, iono bout me but i usually have a good nack on finding out if it was all the same actor, but this one almost stumped me.


it was...interesting?!?!?!?!


I want a transforming ninja robot killer to do stuff for me!

Good taste in music, too. My dad had often noted that Ren and Stimpy use the most beautiful pieces of symphonic masterpieces as a backdrop for some of the crudest humor ever. Once again, it finds a home in this animation (and, in fact, is versatile enough where it could be used in just about any medium).