Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

Good concept, lost of randomness.

I don;t think everyone is seeing past the surface, yea it looks like crap but further into the idea of the animator and what he was going for is a really funny story. I think this guy just needs some practice and to put more time into each frame. I liked it because it made me laugh.


this movie is bad.... it is insult for all the ninjas

good try

Im sorry but when i see most ninja animations im reALLY IMPRESSED BUT this ninja film realy was not worth watching sorry the boring computer nerd hiring a ninja killing fat kids and black kids with jiant afros then dueling a pirate ? it might have been better if you through in that pirate sceene and changed the voices. Im gonna give this a 1

Frontpage? Really?

Ok, this is bad.... not just bad, but really bad...... And that says alot.
But no need for throwing away your skills now, just add some good sound effets and improve your animation.
maybe some other jokes will do good? (srsly A pirate and a ninja?)
could be better but when improved frontpage worthy

Wasn't Good

Animation was bad. Voice acting was bad and the joke Pirates VS. Ninjas is old and not that funny.