Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

but i dont like dying!" haha

nice flash man straight forward and fun XD

Simple and Awesome

The parts where the mouth moved were spot on, despite the fact that the people weren't moving. Even without incredible animation, FUNNY!

Lol Hahaha

That wasn't too bad for a short :) oh and nice that this animation got front page


a ninja transformer and i'm guessing some one rented a pirate to kill the guy that hired the ninja over all in it simplicity a good flash

I agree

Flashes are too complicated. What's wrong with a nice short and simple toon every now and then? The lazy art style, average voice acting, and tweening is what makes this the most amusing, because it fits the retarded story. I might sound like I'm insulting it, but everything I'm saying is actually a compliment. Mediocrity at its best, I would say.

P.S. I want to see pirate and ninja fight! :<