Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"


Not even entertaining. But, I'll give you a "2" for the lifetime you wasted to put forth the effort to make this.


im only giving you a 1 for having pirate's and ninja's in it. bad animation, crap music, lame ass story with no development and what is with that thing the ninja turns into is it a car or something. who did you pay for a front page slot? in short really bad and i recommend as a improvement that you improve, everything yeah basically everything.

Ha ha

This is good stuff, I approve.

meh it was okay

doesnt rly belong on the front page. well actually since tom fulp so loves downgrading his standards day by day this technically does. anyway it was prty decent and the ending was creative

it was alright

it wasn't that funny and not a lot of effort put into it and graphics weren't that great anybody could have came up with something just as terrible jokes weren't goo\d either 5/10, 3/5 overall it was alright