Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

Pretty funny

The animation wasn't great, but the voice acting was pretty funny. It also had some great music and a pretty funny storyline.


Not amazing.

Comedy based entirely on randomness won't appeal to everyone. Some people will like this Flash, but others (like myself) will find it only slightly more useful than a paper cutter without a blade.

I can see you did some work on this, and you have some Flash skill, but the content really didn't astound me.

Bah, don't listen to them

I thought it was awesome, randome comedy is cool.
BTW you down there >.> the noise and the way it transforms is proper of a "Transformer", you see, ramdom comedy gets it's strength from akwardness and stuff that doesn't fit in. Although this may seem easy, if you're not good at it, it'll just be akward but not funny. This is no masterpiece like the asdfmovie (check it out here at NG) but he get's a 10 just to compensate for your lousy scores. You're not obligated to enjoy or understand this type of humor (hey, I even know some people who think cancer isn't funny) but just because you don't get it don't give poor ratings

it was ok

not to bad but the killing part was funny.


okay can someone tell me where i can rent a ninja on line so i can deal with some people online plese lol.