Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

pretty good

this film really deserves a Nine, the use of music and the transitions were great, and it was funny it was blatantly all on voice actor

points that dropped the score:

-Backgrounds. the best way to improve these is take tutorials and watch lots of really good flash movies, thinking of how the made the BG's.

-the crunk guys voice acting. everyone elses worked

some filter overkill, though other filters were good.

in general this was pretty good!its best point was the music

could be better

I'm not sure if the voice acting was meant to be bad, but that sorta killed it right there. the animation was pretty good. I giggled a little at the ninja transforming scene. Like i said, the main problem was the voice acting.

I like that

Idea is realy good and funy :D I give you 7

When's the sequel?

Oh wow, though the beginning was kind of weak, the ending was really good. Hope we see sequel soon

I dont know...

The art was crappy and the animation was just cheap, and the voice acting sucked balls. It was also too short and the story was too simple and boring...
But its about ninjas and being a ninja I feel obligated to just say: Maybe its your first time making flash. If thats so than its ok for a beginner...