Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

maybe not complicated enough

It's a simple concept which is nice but the voicework is not very good and the animation is dated put more work into animation and it could have been better

Hey Below Me!

Funny, and your right Flashes are too complicated these days, and guys below me...You dont really GET the idea of the flash. I belive he PURPOSLY(Notices the emphasised words!) made it look like it is, I can say the guy who did the voice acting is a good voice actor. This is pretty much making fun on those basic movies that have huge plots lots of voices, and alot of plot twists...or how I depict it. So yea...Welcome to Sacrasm Kids...101

nice yugioh refrence

dear haters: its probaly suposed to be like that

dear suporters: i <3 pie


i gave you a 2 for the small amount of effort u put in to this ...
the things i dont like are the drawings , seriously they can be much better
the voice , no expression in it , work on it , all the voices sound similar , in the credits it said , voices by: some guy (his best work yet) i wanna know what his worst work is , i really have no idea how this ended up on the front page , it wasnt funny or worth watching , i want the 2 minutes of my life back that i spend on watching this movie and the 2 and a half minutes i spend on typing this review

next time put more effort in it

Sorry but...

I just don't see the humor.
4 because it is a great idea.
And some of the music reminded me of Spongbob.