Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

I.........dont like it.....much

what can I say.........this is not relevant to my interests..........if ya dont waste ya time, Don't click. please, dont wait in real time for a better answer.......ironic.....
sorry pal, didnt like it...

haa love the ninja transformation

really funny. damn ninja pirate war will last forever

I liked it

I thought it was really funny... I thought the fact that the characters sounded like they were reading off a script with no real emotion was amusing. But this is not what I liked most as I thought some of the jokes were fucking hilerious. The things like "REAL WAITING" and the ninja transforming were really funny.
It wasn't LAUGH OUT LOUD though... but I've watched it more than once which is a great sign. You're style varies in this cartoon but not in an obscure way.

Awesome, can't wait for anything else.

time to collect his payment

of money

i think this is my 2nd review?

I came back for a 2nd viewing...

the people saying 'crap' voices were crap animation was crap...

you're all $%#$ #$%#@$%

the voices are meant to sound like its computer talkany program ... its called taking the piss out of the people who use those programs.

the animation was deliberately bad in some areas... this guy is obviously capable of doing better... i think.

this was a great example of perfectly timed comedy - and thats why its on the front page