Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

lol very funny it is time to dule

okay this is so funny i almost died it was the best make some more dude lol.

Try to be nice, try to be nice....

While it is blatantly obvious that the animation and drawing is incredibly poor, this sometimes can be forgiven if the plot is interesting or it has some type of humor involved, but this is not the case.
I can't even laugh at how BAD this is and that is saying something.....I don't know, I just don't think this deserved to be on the front page, but I guess he can only IMPROVE from here so lets see the next piece of work he puts out.

efkimo responds:

"a few people don't really understand why I take this reviewing thing so seriously. In all honesty this is more of a training ground for me since I hope to pick up a hobby of honestly reviewing things someday."


Lol, a pirate! Nice flash!


Jake Jake Jake,

and you call me random.

"I've watched this so many times"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Jake,jake,jake i have watched this so many times at filmbites and on NG But you try to have such a sense of humour but really you could be a Big star but instead you "Try" to make the movie stupid.

Take this. Lol

efkimo responds: