Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"

wtf frontpage?

Well...the voice acting was lame, it was bad animated and it was not really funny... how the fuck did this get frontage?


Ur Aussie right? Im aussie too, not bad.....

errr.... wow

yea, wow.... it seems anything makes front page....

i gave it a 6 for the murder, changing ninjas (i like the shuriken wheels), and the pirate at the end.

what that guy said...

i liked it... it could have been a lot better... people planning on watching this DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP. it not as good as the title sell it but it was ok.. it was worth watching

My personal opinion

There are haters, there are idiots. I'm neither. I personally believe the flash was simple, yet entertaining. There are many areas you could use more work in, such as more animated movement, more voice actors, etc. Overall, I think it was OK.