Reviews for "Rent a Ninja"


This could have been alot better. All you needed was some better voice acting. Visuals don't really matter as long as they aren't ugly as sin. The joke wasn't that funny though it could have been with a better presentation.

A can see what you were going for.

I kind of understand your goal in his flash. A common wish that some gamers may have. And you really didnt want to put much effort into it. I get the joke, but it wasnt that funny.

efkimo responds:

oh jeez


'game over YOU LOSE"....best line. I also love the sound effects of the most random transfomer thing xD...nicely done

That was pretty funny

Definately an different flash then what you usually see on here. Random, original, nice job.

And for the previous reviewers, I can tell you guys why it's on the front page. Because it's something original and different, and has it's own humor to it. Just because it's not a flash masterpiece, doesn't mean it can't be on the front page.


I love the randomness of this flash, nice job.