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Reviews for "Inca Box"

Okay, could have been better

This game was alright but after maybe the 3 time you clckedon something in the bix it got boring, maybe id you had alot if diffrent items, instead of 5 of the same items I would have enjoyed it more.

Bettoabs responds:

The game have actually 21 different objects, it depends on the game mode you are playing. If you play in the Hard Mode, there will be just 4 and they will be very similar; if you play in the Rat Mode there will be just 1; and in the Survival Mode (the main mode) there will be all of them. The speed of the box also changes depending on the game mode.


a very original game. a fresh take on games that test your memory and observation skills. definitely worth a play.

L... l... l... a... a... a... g... g... g...

I wasn't even able to play the game, it froze on "Click Here".

Bettoabs responds:

You know that you have to click on the "Click to Continue" button in order to continue, instead of keep waiting forever, right?


i like it

Cool game

I like the concept.
Just could have a nicer presentation and stuff...