Reviews for "Maverick"

Fun game

Only 9 deaths on the first try, very fun.

oops, i shot the pig ;)

very nice game, a perfekt tribute to the old times^^

and an hilarious ending ;)

80 deaths - i think it was hard, but who wants to play a game which isn't a challenge ;)?!

meh, nothing great

i get to the end, the pig tells me to find the present, so i make my way all the way back and right before i get to it, i get an error message telling me to restart the game.
some parts are too difficult also, you bounce around like a madman and sometimes you end up going back a screen because of some stupid gravity effect pulling you into a cactus or spikes as soon as you spawn.

overall decent game but some things need to be looked at.


Finished it but, GODDAMNIT, there where moments I thought that I'll kill something in fury. End made me smile though.


this game is so fucking addicting!!1