Reviews for "Maverick"

Not fun

The music was annoying, and the gameplay was terrible. Movement is very sloppy, and the bullets from the gun make everything lag.


i want that present D:

Pretty Good

I give this game a 7 because it's pretty decent. A few of the levels like 14 were pretty dumb with the layout. Overall though, i enjoyed it.


This game was pretty challenging. When I entered Level 15, I was like, "Ending, here I come!" But when I talked to the Magic Pig, I'm like, "Wait, I have to do this all over again?!" And when I approach the present, My face is up against the screen, saying, "C'mon,c'mon...", and when the screen did the Error thing, I was like, "Oh no, not another computer Error!" But when the Error Ending Screen popped up, I'm like, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh.............", as a grin starts spreading on my face. Good game. I enjoyed it alot! Now let's see what horrible endings your other games have... :) (Except Llama Adventure, saw that one already, and that was annoying!)


This game is really crative. Sometimes it makes me want to bash in tmy computer but its quite an original idea. My only complaint is that theres only 15 lvls.XD