Reviews for "Maverick"

just awesome.

I love you jmtb02.

Frustrating? phew..

This one of those things that you both love and hate.
I like the style, the old pixelated feeling, but the music gets REALLY annoying after you die a couple of times. Please, mute button! Also, for some reason, it got laggy as all hell after level 5, what made it even more frustrating. Maybe it's just me, anyways.
Still, very good game.


I only have one complaint so far. I was on my way back, and I passed a door. Phew. Checkpoint. After that, I manage to skewer myself on spikes.... BUt where do I end up ? A door two levels away ! I had that about two or three times. One times it was helpful, but the other times it made me wanna bash my head against a wall.

Also, it would help if it had a mute button. I always like to take a pause from frustrating games and listen to some music....

But apart from those thingies, I absolutely adored it ! It is the sort of game that frustrates you, but not enough to make you stop playing. Love !


The game was very enjoyable, but a had a lot of slowdown when I did a lot of shooting at once. The graphics fit the theme very well. Every time I died was either from a weird hiccup in which I'd bounce against a wall several times harder than I should have, or because I was using a laptop finger pad. The latter is nobody's fault but my own. The former confuses me. It seemed to multiply the force of my bounce unexpectedly every once in a while, within the same level. The ending felt sort of like a cop-out. Only the last two levels seemed fitted to provide new challenge on the way back. The rest were just too easy. Overall, though, very nice job.

Very fun

This was just great to play because it really focused heavily on making fun for the player. I could just go around all day bouncing all around and stuff like that. It was certainly not the easiest game I have played, but it manages to be effective in its originality. The funniest part was probably how cool it was to die with those tombstones randomly appearing. It made a funny little sound whenever I used the little gun. As always, it is so satisfying to just finish the level and utilize your resourcefulness as fully as possible.