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Reviews for "Shortpacked!"

Great animation

Although I didn't think the comic was really funny -- it's sorta like Garfield, where it's supposed to be funny coz it's true, but it's really just sorta commonplace -- the animation was fantastic and definitely added to the joke. Great sound fx and impressive that you did all the voices as well.

You should email Willis about this.

I must say, fantastic work. The script wasn't yours, but the animation certainly fit David's drawing style. I also loved the voice of "I-Knew-About-That-Before-Everyone-El se-Man."

I'm going to review this...

... so that when other people mention it to me, I can tell them I already knew about it.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Keep it short, keep it funny, get to the point.

I laughed my ass off, not just because it's funny, but because I KNOW people like that. A lot of them.

Did not expect that!

Always enjoy your submissions and yet again im not dissapointed by the twist at the end. Graphics are top notch as usual, and the voice work is pretty funny.

Nice Work.