Reviews for "My TV Show Episode 1"


thats funny and has the potential to be an alright "TV show" (that just so happens to be on newgrounds and not TV)

pretty alright

u may wanna try like a little tv show jingle at the beggining
and maybe some backround music the whole way through


Make us more

The more you build with flash the better you will get


I didn't like it

The graphics were bad and it was hard to hear the voices

Needs work

-Audio was too quiet; find a way to fix it.
-Mouth animations were out of sync; sort of followed the "blah-blah-blah" pattern, which frankly is a bit annoying. Try to match the mouth movements to the voices.
-Plot was lacking. Try a storyboard next time so you can put a little more into it.

Good try, but it leaves me wanting.