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Reviews for "Bucketball"

Very Entertaining

Great art and excellent choice of music. Max scores for everything except gameplay.

For the most part, the game was fun. The physics were good, but it felt like the sense of friction was a little higher than it should be. Also, on lvl 9, I overshot the yellow ball and it went into the green cup, where it went into an endless loop of ejecting, then falling back in.

Overall though, great game, and it's still going into my favorites.

Nice game but very hard ayt the end

This is a nice game but very very very very hard at the end.

Nice Game

Good Work, but sometimes to hard


cool and adictive

Sure it was ok

Until level 8. That god damn red ball is waaaay too dificult. The angles have to be just right and theres NO margin for error. I tried for a good 10 minutes and its not worth it. The music was really catchy and fresh, but level 8 is a bitch.