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Reviews for "Bucketball"

not bad

boring at first.. but kinda got addicting after a little... very nice graphics.

great game

Only played the first 11 levels but i have to say this game was really good!

Thought the physics were abit off at times and some shots seemed like they should of went in but never :s

8/10 - Keep it up!

Interesting, but flawed.

Good game, good graphics, nice music, nice effects... But the physics and power meter really need some work. Also, certain bucket placements (Example: The red bucket on level 8) could use a bit of tweaking to make it just a hair over impossible to actually complete. The power meter should either be relevant to how far your mouse is away from the ball, or simply move up and down in power levels as you hold the mouse button down. As far as physics go, I've had some rebound off the "rim", so to speak, even when they were dead center with the bucket.

All in all, I did enjoy the game, but it could use a little tune-up to make the game less frustrating and more enjoyable.


RAAAAAH!!! Go in the hole!!!
It's Haaard!!!

Nice, but...

I do love those simple games, but the physics were a little bit off and didn't seem like they were consistent from level to level, like you set it for each one separately to force one solution to each level. Otherwise it's frustrating as hell, and I like it!