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Reviews for "Bucketball"


This is a sweet game my friend, very nice indeed.



It's an awesome game though...challenging...

nice piece

simple concept yet a tad challenging at times.
i liked it. a lot. :)
helps with depth perception. ha.


Awesome, very simply presented game with a simple goal. Get the coloured balls in to their same-coloured cups. (I'm from the UK, and that's how we spell the word colour.)

Excellently pulled off, great play value, great replay value, challenging, and it has a skill to master. Once you've played for a few hours, you'll be 1-shotting the balls in to their cups (if the level allows it from where the balls are placed).

I have played this for hours, and will do so for days, weeks, or even months to come. I love it. Let's see more like this, please, Mr Author. :)

Also, your graphic designer, Arseniy, from GameBalance, is the perfect man for the job, and you chose very well. The game didn't need complex graphics, or flashy sequences, you pulled the game off perfectly. This is the first 10 I've ever given a game, and I hope to be able to give your next game a 10 too. Keep up the good work, Florian.

lv. 16

lv. 16 is realy hard!!!