Reviews for "Hot Blooded Hero"


When ever I see a pig, that is what I think about them now.


it made me laugh, not from any jokes or anything, just the cuteness of how they fight trying to make it seem tough just brings chuckles. how could you not laugh when some dumbass kills a pig because he thought it was a demon? only if you have no humor, thats how. great job


The animation was great, awesome job on that. Fantastic overall. I liked how when the girl was crying, it was like a waterfall haha.


Your animation are amazing!! Flawless as much as I can tell, although it isn't it isn't my piece of cake. Someone seems to have taken a bite out of it...

Don't get me wrong though, it's great stuff! Keep up the awesome work!!


Very funny DOMO.

Especially round 3 when they were biting each other.